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Overbevisende kommunikasjon, en dags kurs men Doug O’Brien. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk, resten av info på engelsk:

Do you persuade others or do they persuade you? 

Success boils down to your ability to persuade. Whether you are persuading your client to adopt a new healthy belief system that will improve the quality of their life, or persuading a prospective client to choose your services over your competitor’s, or whether persuading your child to adopt your values over the drug pusher’s on the street, your ability to persuade is your most important asset.

Hvem du skal lære av: Doug O’Brien har bred utdanning og erfaring med ulike grener av mental trening. Robert Dilts, Erickson, Michael Hall. Han har blant annet jobbet med Dr. Oz og Tony Robbins. 

“This is the stuff Tony Robbins does on stage but never teaches.”
– sales manager for Robbins Research International

Sleight of mouth, an NLP approach to belief change, will enable you to transform yourself from the influenced to the influencer, from the persuaded to the persuader.

1 day training in Norway!

Sunday 31. March you can take the 1-day Sleight of Mouth training directly with Doug O’Brien in Lillestrøm outside Oslo.
Students from all coaching schools are welcome.

Date: 31. March 2019
Time: 0900-1600
Investment: NOK 2.900,-


Havening Techniques

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Discover how to create rapid, lasting and remarkably effective results in overcoming anxiety based disorders, trauma, stress, chronic pain. Great for coaching, improving resiliency, health & well-being.

19. - 20. october 2019

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